Transnusa Airlines


Helizona / Domnick Hunter Indonesia


Arts and Craft

Museum Bank Indonesia

Batik Sugih


Automotives and Autoparts

PT. Toyota-Astra Motor, Tbk

All New Corolla ALTIS

Astra TRAC Tremo

INCOE Battery


Babies and Kids Product Care

P&G – Pampers Baby Dry


Beauty and Skin Care

P&G - Olay Skin Nutrition

P&G - Rejoice Long

P&G - Rejoice HairSpa

P&G - Pantene Pro-V


Building Material

Milan Ceramic Tiles

M-Class Ceramic Roof Tile

Hercules Ceramic Tiles

Hi-Coates Waterproofing Paint


Cargo and Shipping Service

Dexter Cargo

Jayantara Setia Sejahtera – Freight Forwarder

PACKINC – All about Packing

Packaging House


Fashion and Textile

Museum Bank Indonesia

Don't be Afraid clothing, Singapore

Sinar Terang, PT


Food and Beverages

P&G  - Pringles

Oasis Mineral Water

SerbaFood Restaurant

Royal Mineral Water

Sunripe Healthy Juice

Prasmanindo Boga Utama, PT

Inaco Jelly

Treekings Honey, Singapore



OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan )

Museum Bank Indonesia


Health and Body Care

Clear Toothbrush

P&G - Vicks Formula 44

Smartlife Crypto Force

Smartlife Pro Fiber

Smartlife Crypto PPARs

Princess Home Appliances


Heavy Equipment and Manufacture

PT. Komatsu Indonesia, Tbk

Ziegler Indonesia, PT

Bertindo Ciptasatya, PT

Berto Industries & Patih Raya – Foodtech Manufacture & Sanitary

Indonesia Synthetic Rubber, PT

Marsindo Servis, CV

WINZ Electrodes, Singapore


Home Entertainment and Celebrities

Vision Home Entertainment – Warner Bros, Disney, MGM and Buena Vista International

Tora Home Entertainment – Toei Animation, Evangelion GAINAX.

PT. Unggul Cipta Piranti

Marshanda First Tour Promo - Indonesia Celebrity



Adfrealitama Indonesia, PT

Search Property


Multilevel Company

GoldQuest Indonesia

Selaras Bersama, PT


Music Concert

Twillite Orchestra by Adie M.S - Adventure to the Galaxies

Milestone Indonesia, PT - Pentas Seni Kemerdekaan

Three World Premieres feat. Ananda Sukarlan and Friends


Oil Company

Biru, PT

Buana Listya, PT



PT. Modern Photo Tbk

Fuji Film – M Studio

Aperture Asia Workshops

Novijan Sanjaya -


Printing and Digital Printer

Subur Mitra Grafistama, PT - Subur Printing

Real Estate and Office Spaces

Raffles Hills Cibubur

Mall Wisata Dupan Pekalongan

PT. Bumi Serpong Damai, Tbk

BSD City Golden Boulevard, Ruko Galileo 



FGBMFI Indonesia

PT. Modern Group Indonesia, Tbk



Standard Ballpoint

Lineplus Marker



SAMSUNG Indonesia


T9 Text Input


Tourism and Travel

Transnusa Holiday